Welcome to Woodford Logistics

Businesses must no longer choose between being environmentally friendly or being profitable.  Implementing sustainability and recycling processes is now not only socially responsible, it’s fiscally responsible.

WOODFORD LOGISTICS LLC is a Premier Provider of Sustainable Packaging and Recycling Solutions for business.  Our Product Line of Wooden Shipping Pallets are the most cost effective and sustainable shipping platform available and our Reusable Waste Removal Solutions ensure that your company is minimizing environmental impact while maximizing cash receipts.

Want to explore how your company can achieve it’s sustainability goals while increasing profitability? 

Please explore our website for additional information about our service offerings or contact us at info@woodfordlogistics.com for a free professional consultation.

Why Choose Us?

Our experienced team of professionals will create a service plan that fits your unique needs.  Whether you are simply looking for the most cost effective shipping solution or need to achieve a corporate recycling objective, we will tailor a solution that best meets your needs.

We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing unmatched customer service, offering the highest level of accountability, and making a commitment to underpromise and overperform.

What We Do

Woodford Logistics offers a full suite of sustainable packaging and recycling solutions. 

We Recycle and manufacture over 2 million Wood Shipping Pallets annually and offer removal and recycling of a variety of reusable items that are collected from distribution and manufacturing facilities.  We not only collect and recycle Wood shipping pallets, but we will salvage and recycle Corrugated Material, Plastic, and a variety of other reusable products.

Our Locations

Atlanta, GA
2300 Jonesboro Road
Atlanta, GA 30315
Tel. (404) 622-7025
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Corporate Office
15 Sprague Road
S. Charleston, OH 45368
Tel. (513) 417 – 8453
Fax. (256) 832-2288